You can select one item from each section

Hot dishes

  • Traditional irish breakfast: fried mutton sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, potato bread toasts, potato boxty, egg (sunny side up/poached).
  • Sunny side up eggs (three eggs) with fried bacon and toasts
  • Baked home-style omelette with ham and cheese
  • Fluffy wheat groats porridge with succades
  • Soft oatmeal on milk with seasonal berries
  • Blarney pie: Softest golden brown chicken breast simmered with vegetables and covered with puffed mashed potatoes

For tea

  • Golden brown crepes with home-made marmalade
  • Golden brown crepes with sour cream
  • Cottage cheese syrniki with sour cream
  • Cottage cheese syrniki with home-made
  • Raw smoked ham cuts and cheese cuts with toasts
  • Rum balls (chef’s recipe)


  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Pear


  • Americano
  • Americano with milk
  • Milk
  • Juice (apple/orange)
  • Tea (black/green)


"Breakfast takeaway" offer

If you have planned an excursion or you might need to get up early to go the airport we will be happy to serve you with a rich breakfast that you can take with you on your trip.

Everything for a delicious and nutritious breakfast:

Specialty Club Sandwich with grilled chicken, assorted juices, shortbread biscuits with chocolate chips, apple.

The price of 1 breakfast is 450 RUB. Contact the hotel manager in advance to order a takeaway breakfast.